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Model Energy Code Information

The energy shortages of the 1970’s motivated many states and local jurisdictions to take measures to reduce energy consumption. Numerous states and local jurisdictions, for example, added provisions to building codes to make homes more energy-efficient. State and local building energy codes have proven successful in reducing energy consumption and peak electric demand in residential buildings, through the use of highly energy-efficient windows, added insulation, and reduced air leakage, and have become integral parts of almost every state and local jurisdiction’s building code.

Why Are Building Energy Codes Important?
Building energy codes are important because they set meaningful thresholds for all new construction and existing buildings, such as:

  • Windows: maximum U-factors and SHGC’s for windows, doors and skylights.
  • Insulation: minimum levels of insulation for walls, ceilings, floors, foundations and ducts.
  • Infiltration: require proper sealing.
  • Equipment: require proper HVAC equipment sizing.

In addition, these codes ensure a baseline level of comfort and energy performance for all homes.

AES provides Model Energy Code compliance in states which use the MEC (Model Energy Code) computer program for residential and COMcheck EZ computer program for non-residential.

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